All about Collecting Unique Chinese Antiques

Collecting Chinese antiques that are unique is a good idea since due to the age of the items you find, these are limited and therefore high in value. Unique Chinese antiques are not only rare; they can also be useful, beautiful and have other unique features. The best part about these types of items for people in the antique business for investment purposes is that the value of these items inevitably double, triple or even quadruple with the passing of time. What better way to spend your hard earned money than by investing them in these types of items?

chinese coin All about Collecting Unique Chinese Antiques

Chinese coin

When collecting solely Unique Chinese antiques, you will want to find pieces that are considered not just unique but also beautiful. Next, outstanding craftsmanship is a must as well as to add one-of-a-kind treasures to your collection. This means that rather than antiques that have been massed produced such as postage stamps that are rare, it is better to find hand crafted pieces. Smaller sized antiques from China are easier to store as well and do not take as much space as antiques that are large.
Ideas for adding to your Chinese antique collection include Chinese jade carvings, pendants and snuff bottles. These are works of art that are unique and are not just made by hand but are created with hard to find material. There are snuff bottles that have been formed from rock lumps and are quite hollow with large crevices and small openings.
Pendants are another great collector’s item when it comes to collecting Chinese antiques. Many Chinese snuff bottle carvers also created pendants and the exquisitely intricate carvings some pendants have make these a must for every serious antique collector. For those who would like to create an even more specialized collection and would like to limit their antiques to those made with jade, pendants and snuff bottles made with jade are also available.


797051 gold dragon All about Collecting Unique Chinese Antiques

Gold dragon

Surprisingly, pendants and snuff boxes that are created with jade and are smaller are more expensive than larger jade items. This has to do mainly with the fact that the size of the stone requires more precision and more work, with the same high quality of larger pieces. In the past this was not the case but these days, the prices of tiny pieces sometimes you find may be more than larger pieces.
There are small jade Chinese antique carvings that are found in a variety of sculptures of animals, boulder carvings, screens, boxes and bowls. There are also lidded vases where a chain attaches the lid to the vase and can be composed of many links created out of one rock piece. Finds such as these are quite astounding especially for collectors that know how hard it is to work with jade.
There are some wonderful colored pieces created out of materials that have no flaw and others which used the natural marks and colors of the stone they are working with. The carving quality of jade in the eighteenth century was of quite a high level and some in the early part of the nineteenth century was quite fine.



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