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Chawan Antique Decorating on a Budget   Asian Themed Home


It isn’t really that hard to decorate your home with antiques especially when you already have a few good pieces. Accessorizing your Asian Themed Home using antique accessories will also help in unifying the theme. However, the hard part comes in when you have a budget you need to work with.

When decorating your home on a budget, you will need to have a strategy. First, think of the pieces you have and think of what you want to add to your collection. Check out less than obvious antique sources such as online or in garage sales around your area.

You might even want to put an ad out in the paper saying you will offer cash for items that are a hundred years old. The fact is that not everyone is a collector and another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so to speak. This means that people in your neighborhood may unknowingly have great pieces that they do not even realize that they have.

For antique decorating on a budget, you first need to make a plan. Do you plan on adding antiques to your current décor or do you want certain antique pieces to be the focus of your entryway or living room? Perhaps you might even want all your pieces to consist of antiques or use antiques to follow a theme such as an Asian Theme that you want for your entire house, which is quite popular these days.

Next, you need to use odd numbers when grouping antiques. Decorators know that this is important since it has more visual appeal than even numbers. As a matter of fact, gardeners and landscape artists also use this technique and actually group bushes, trees and shrubs in sets of five, seven or nine rather than in two’s, four’s or six’s.

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Red fan

In addition, when it comes to antiques, keep in mind that you need to neither group them in one corner nor scatter them too broadly throughout your house. Grouping them together tends to take attention away from each beautiful piece. For instance if you have great pieces from the baroque period, no one is really going to notice the intricate details when it is lost in a sea of other jars, vases or cabinets from another period such as the Victorian period.

On the other end of the stick, scattering your pieces too far apart in your home and mixing them with modern décor will, in the same way, take the focus from them almost completely. Rather, stick with the overall theme of the room you are decorating.

Mix pieces from the Elizabethan with the Baroque, rather than grouping all Baroque pieces in one corner and another group of Elizabethan pieces in another corner. This is a living room, after all, not a museum. Keep in mind that many times, what looks best is modern mixed with antiques, such as a Chinese Antique Jar you made into a lamp with a new Indian scarf draped over it.


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