Be an Expert in Collecting Antique Chinese Porcelain Pieces

526947 chinese sugar pot Be an Expert in Collecting Antique Chinese Porcelain Pieces

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Chinese Porcelain is renowned the world over. Since the time that Marco Polo has marvelled about the exquisiteness of these fine Chinese pieces and up till now with globalization which has made the world smaller, Chinese Porcelain has held an important place in history, in beauty and art. Even in the history books, stories are told of the presence of these pieces which has graced palaces, castles, temples, and which has become synonymous with royalty, dynasties, the ruling class, and the upper crust of society.

Chinese porcelain is considered as pieces of art with the delicacy of the way that it is made, most often than not, made by hand, and bearing the most elegant and intricate of designs which are usually hand painted. Even the commercial ones that are made now still involve a painstaking process that would take longer than other commercial pieces of furniture and art.

For any antique collector, having antique Chinese Porcelain pieces would most likely be considered the gems of their collections. Imagine having a Porcelain vase coming from the Ming Dynasty or a set of Porcelain plates that date all the way back to the Tang Dynasty. Definitely, this would not only be a subject of great interest which could elicit conversations of awe and wonder, but also a cause of one’s admiration.

So how do you build your own collection of these art items? Or what pieces can you add to your antique collection?  What are the things that you should consider so you become an instant expert in collecting Chinese Porcelain?

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Chinese Porcelain jars

For real valuable Chinese Porcelain pieces, go to trusted antique collection houses like Sotheby’s and Christies in the United States or to auction houses that may be found in your locale. In other parts of the world, there are also art and antique collectors who have their own shops and they would usually hold a piece or two of these Chinese specialties. Be careful as today, there are also a lot of imitations which may actually resemble the real antique things.

There is really no better way than to really consult antique collectors as to the authenticity of the piece that you intend on buying. It may be a bit more expensive than going on your own such as finding one on EBay or other Internet shopping sites but it would eliminate the fear and hassle of finding out that what you have bought is actually a fake copy.

Antique Chinese Porcelain pieces usually would date back or have its origins from one of the Chinese Dynasties. As such, if something has captured your fancy, be able to have the shopkeeper or owner tell you all the information he has about it and consult the books.

Go on Encyclopaedias, of which some good ones are online, and read about the characteristics of art work, furniture, and designs that would come from the particular dynasty. Look for pictures or images of other similar designs and compare the time and Chinese era that they would come from. Basically, what you would have to do is to do your research and this may actually be part of the fun.

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