Some Tricks and Tips For Your Next Antique Hunting Trip

Reclining Buddha 300x145 Some Tricks and Tips For Your Next Antique Hunting Trip

Reclining Buddha

Antiques give off an unmistakable aura of old world charm and always add a certain mystery and glamour to any place, in particular to a home. The world over, antiques are bought and collected for its classic design. Antique pieces are usually bought and collected for its classic design and elegance. Usually antique pieces are of higher value and most of them time become more expensive as it becomes older.

Many stories have been told of how antique pieces are subject to high profile thefts and also as the cause of family feuds. It has also been know how some people have paid millions for these pieces of furniture at public auctions such as the famous Sotheby’s and Christie’s. It can also come to a point that antiques may already be considered priceless such as in the case of family heirlooms.

With all of this, it is quite a wise investment to find and purchase your own antiques for your own collection. This may come as a form of hobby for you as this requires developing a keen eye for choosing out what is good. This may also serve as a business as antiquarians the world over are always out to look for antiques that can catch their eye.

In general, antiques include but are not limited to pieces of furniture, cars and automobiles, clothing and fashion items, household items, general equipment, books, magazines, and pretty much everything under the sun that anyone would have interest in.

185622 oriental dragon Some Tricks and Tips For Your Next Antique Hunting Trip

Oriental dragon

For your antique hunting trip, bear in mind that the best places that you can look into are vintage shops, rummage sales, and flea markets. Going to these places sometime maybe a hassle as these are usually out of the way and not found in the more common shopping parts of the city. There are some stores that are found in the shopping district that would specialize in antiques and these are usually the higher end ones and would be pricier. In the more upscale antique stores, expect that you would get help from the attendants or the shop owners themselves.

They may usually be able to give you information on the antiques that they have for sale which include the actual age of the item, the history behind it, who has owned it, the actual use of the item, the condition of the item, its rarity, its value in terms of the current market price, and the other items which may be similar to it or that will complement it. You may also find and get this information in some flea markets or in those out of the way antique shops especially if they have a willing and able seller.

It would be best for you to know all relevant information to the piece of furniture that you will buy. For the actual age of the item, as said above, it should usually cost more the older it is. In terms of rarity, the rarer an item is, the higher it will be in its value. It would be most rare of course, if there are only one or two more of the items existing. As for history, if someone famous has used in the past, then for sure, the higher would be its value.

Consider also that the best antiques are those that are preserved in good quality condition. If it is in the best condition like from the day that it was made, then this is of higher value as well. Some items though that may already be broken or non-functioning, could still be worth more because of the other factors that are mentioned above such as the fact that it has been used by someone famous in the past, or because it is only one in the whole world.


Starting Your Asian Antique Collection – The real deal

If you are thinking about starting your Asian antique collection, keep in mind that this is the one time that imitation is not the sincerest flattery form. The fact is that this category of business is a huge enterprise and you can now buy antiques online, at shows, shop and auctions. You might even find some one of a kind collectibles at flea markets and garage sales. Before buying, however, you need to know the different between fake stuff, reproductions and the real deal.

Asian Flask 300x200 Starting Your Asian Antique Collection   The real deal

Asian Flask

Before you start your collection, determine the budget you have to spend and what kind of pieces you prefer. Ask yourself whether you are shopping to collect for beautifying your home or primarily as an investment? Do you intend to go into the buy and sell business of antiques? Knowing what you are going to collect for will help you decide what pieces to buy.

According to the law, an item that is a minimum of one hundred years old is an antique. On the other hand, a collectible is a popular item that people collect, and does not necessarily have to be a hundred years old. In many cases, the collectible item’s age is not really that important except if it is labeled a collectible vintage item, which means that it needs to be a minimum of fifty years old.

Items that are created to look like antiques with the same patina and aged appearance are called reproductions. The values of these pieces are next to nothing when it comes to the world of antiques. For instance, modern furnishings can be made to look like eighteenth century styles including the Hepplewhite, Chippendale and the Queen Anne.

This is the same as jewelry that is made to look old but really is not considered antiques. Contrary to popular belief, the term ‘repro’ is not the shorter version of ‘reproductions’ but rather, is the word for something created intentionally to deceive customers into thinking they are purchasing a real antique. These are, in other words, fake items that can include copper, brass, wood carvings, textiles, prints, paintings, silver and even a repro Tiffany lamps.

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Needless to say, it is quite important to do some research before actually going on a shopping spree. This means that you need to visit auctions, malls and antique shops in your area and abroad and talk to reputable dealers and collectors. Brush up your antique shopping skills by reading auction catalogues, price guides, magazines and book on the pieces that you are thinking of purchasing.

It cannot be denied that the more knowledgeable you are, the less the chances are of you paying more for something than you should. As you shop around, it won’t hurt to casually ask dealers about how long they’ve been in the business, how they determine an item’s price, if they belong to organizations that are professional and the like. Talk to them about the criteria they use for identifying the pieces they sell and if they are willing to sign a written agreement regarding a return policy if you are unsatisfied with the item later.


How to Start Your Asian Jade Antique Collection

Jade Dragon 1024x781 How to Start Your Asian Jade Antique Collection

Jade Dragon

Buying Asian Antiques especially in the area of jade antiques is not only a great investment; it is a beautiful endeavor and will keep you out of the recession at the same time.

Now is a good time for starting your Asian Jade Antique Collection. When buying Asian Japanese and Chinese antiques, keep in mind that you need to purchase from state-run, well-known, large shops and confirm whether the antiques you are purchasing are authentic.

You will be able to tell that the antiques you are purchasing are authentic because these will usually have a seal made of wax which proves they are authentic. According to Asian Chinese laws, antiques before the year seventeen ninety-five are not allowed to be exported and ideally, you need to keep the receipt of your purchase to show to the customs officials at the airport when leaving China.

When starting your jade collection, keep in mind that these days, only 2 stones are thought to be real jade. This includes Old Jade, also known as Jade Nephrite which weighs six up to six-and-a-half on the Mohs scale. Jade antiques are a great addition to your collection as these increase in value and can help save you from the recession as a result.

Some beautiful jade antiques you might like to collect include jade amulets, carvings, jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, brooches and pendants and small statues. Many Buddha statues made of jade and combines sometimes with silver are also very popular among collectors.

A beginning collector may want to begin with smaller pieces and move on to more elaborate pieces later on. There are also lamp stands and antique telephone stands that are made of jade as well as vases. Keep in mind that as an investment, jade’s value increases and often set record-breaking prices.

Also known as ‘yu’ in Chinese Mandarin, jade is more precious than diamonds or gold. In Asian folklore, the value of jade is more than the fact that it appreciates in value. Jade is considered a spiritual substance and the ‘stone of heaven’ in ancient literature of the Chines.

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Jade Fisherman

In other words, gold is seen as something of high value, whereas ‘yu’ is seen as priceless. A smooth hard stone, jade has a surface of luster of a smooth, hard stone that contains variations of color. Highly collectable today, Chinese jade necessitates being investigated before you buy.


In China, jade is viewed by the Chinese very differently compared to other semi-precious stones. They see jade has holding a high honorable place. As a matter of fact, when you tried to get help from your ancestry in Ancient China, you went to a place where the names of your ancestry were done in inscription form in tablets of jade.

They believed that this semi-precious stone was the mystical bridge between heaven and their prayers. Jade is attributed with many powers and is believed to be used as an amulet to ward off evil and to bring good luck. Others also believe that jade has powers of healing.