History of Asian Antique Furniture

chinese furniture 1 History of Asian Antique Furniture

Chinese furniture

Part of collecting Asian Antique Furniture is knowing that there is quite a distinct history of Asian Antique Furniture. Some of the best known antique furniture comes from Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, China and India. There are also some locations including South East Asia, Mongolia and Korea that have their own distinct styles. Using uncarved bamboo and wood as well as using lacquer that is heavy is a style that comes from the Chinese.

It is also a good idea for collectors to know when choosing Chinese furniture for your home that China has an incredibly diverse, rich architecture, culture, furniture, religion and history. In other words, from one dynasty to the next, the furniture can look completely different even if they all come from the same region in China.

Japanese traditional furniture is quite popular for the style which is minimalist, high quality craftsmanship, using wood extensively and relying on the grain of the wood rather than on thick lacquer or the use of painting. Chests from Japan are called ‘tansu’ which are known for decorative, elaborate work of iron. These types are Japanese antiques that are the most sought-after. Generally, antiques of these types that are Japanese tend to date back to the Meiji and the Tokugawa eras.

It is important for collectors to know the history of Asian furniture especially if they intend to continuously add to their collection. Knowing the various features and what to look out for will mean buying beautiful, authentic antiques that will appreciate in value in the long run. This is much better than playing a guessing game when it comes to authenticity.

Collectors who do not know the history of Asian antique furniture will most likely find out the hard way that one or a number of their pieces do not have the authenticity that they thought it had. Furniture that is collectible includes domestic furniture, classical or imperial style accessories for the home, doors and even screens.

chinese furniture 31 History of Asian Antique Furniture

Chinese furniture

It goes without saying that purchasing from reputable dealers will result in greater chances of authenticity and this is a good idea especially if you are a beginning collector. Find antique furniture that are classical pieces which can fit into any style of home or aesthetic. Some collectors collect pieces from one particular era and others like more contemporary antiques.
A lot of collectible favorites come from Asian royal families and there is a unique, rich history in many of the finds including the various types of Buddhas, chests, beds, mirrors and dressers. You will be able to tell what era the furniture from Asia is from due to some of the details on the arm rests and by what is depicted on woven mats. Generally, Buddhas became a distinct Chinese cultural aspect around the time of two hundred AD and was frequently featured in a sitting-down position. Many chairs were created depicting Buddha in a place of honor on a chair.

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