What kind of Chinese antique vases should I collect?

956210 vase with a dragon and 100 flowers images 1 What kind of Chinese antique vases should I collect?

Vase with a dragon and 100 flowers images

If you are wondering what kind of Chinese antique vases to collect, you need to know that antique Chinese vases have been collectibles for centuries. This is primarily due to the fact that these are elegant, rare and infinitely beautiful. Chinese Antique vases are indeed rare finds and it is this feature which makes them higher in value and is also the reason why collectors who go to auctions to buy them try and outbid each other incessantly for the sole purpose of acquiring one of these gorgeous antique vases from China. There are many antique Chinese vase varieties and many of these have not been catalogued.

This adds appeal and interest to people who love collecting since each vase they see that is up for sale can be a truly valuable find. Another reason why antique vases from China have always been popular is that they are quite intriguing, not just the way they look but the culture and history behind these artifacts as well. Of course it goes without saying that as you collect your finds, you need to do a bit of research in order to have a somewhat generalized knowledge of them so that you can have a clearer idea about what to add to your collection. This will give you a specialty you can base your decisions on and you will also know which vases are the real thing and which are not.

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As you do research, you will soon find out that there are rare finds that are over two thousand years old that can be very difficult to acquire, let along find. On the other hand, finding and acquiring these kinds are a remarkable feat and one in which you will truly be able to be proud of yourself for. This is because finding these types of antique vases ensures that you will be able to make a profit while at the same time enjoying owning and caring for a truly beautiful piece. Many vases were found in tombs particularly in the dynasty called Tang. These usually were glazed in colors of green, silver, brown and orange. There have also been vases that are stoneware found by archaeologists with glaze finishes in high quality.

During the Ming Dynasty was when high quality porcelain was manufactured and prevailed. This was especially prevalent in an area towards Nankin’s southern region. As a matter of fact, the recognition and fame of China for porcelain of high quality is mainly due to the high quality and immense production from Nankin. These vases produced in Nankin can be distinguished due to the under glaze which is blue.

Other Ming Dynasty vases of high regard come with threads that have been raised with colored glaze besides the blue under glaze as well as over glazes of purple, green, yellow and red. Other kinds of Chinese antique vases that you might want to be aware of include plain white vases known popularly as colored ‘Chinese White.’ This is a style created by other factories besides Nankin in China for thousands of years. Collectors need to know features of authentication, the threads used as well as both the under glazing and over glazing features.

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